Cessna Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign Specifications

Passenger Capacity:
8 to 10
Airspeed (mph):
Cabin Width:
5.8 ft
Cabin Length:
25.3 ft
Lavatory Style:
3300 nm
Cabin Height:
5.6 ft
Baggage Capacity:
135 ft3

Citation Sovereign Detailed Description

With it's unprecedented short-runway performance capabilities, the Citation Sovereign is a popular aircraft choice for getting into tough places, such as Tortola, in the Virgin Islands and East Hampton , NY . This aircraft has the ability to climb to its cruising altitude of 43,000 feet in as little as 23 minutes, flying high above any inclement weather below, and then cruise for 3,300 miles at speeds up to 458 knots.

This Cessna Citation Jet sports a large double cabin with a lavatory/dressing room, seating 8-10 passengers in style. The Citation Sovereign is a corporate jet staple in business jet rental.

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