cessna grand caravan

grand caravan Specifications

Passenger Capacity:
10 to 14
184 ktas
Cabin Width:
64 in
Cabin Length:
16.9 ft
Lavatory Style:
918 nm
Cabin Height:
54 in
Baggage Capacity:
320 lb

grand caravan Detailed Description

Living up to its name, the Grand Caravan delivers exceptional performance. In ISA conditions at sea level it climbs at 975 fpm (297 mpm) and cruises at speeds up to 184 knots (341 km/h). Maybe that's why the Caravan is the go-to aircraft for both business and pleasure.

Whether it's reaching far-away customers or reaching out to your son through fly-fishing, the Grand Caravan is more than up to the challenge. And even with all the available seating, this extraordinary aircraft can change roles quickly by converting to a cargo hauler in less than 30 minutes, doubling its duty. And more than earning its keep.

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