Ground Transportation

Even after you've landed, our consideration to you and your passangers needs has not ended. We want to ensure your transfer to your ultimate destination is quick and comfortable.

All of our transportation providers are updated on arrival times from our aircraft to consider any shanges to the expected arrival time.

Whether it be exotic automobiles, or luxury coaches, we will make sure your vehicle is waiting to take you to, and from your aircraft.  In some airports, vehicles can even drop you off inches from the jet.

When you plan a trip, the last thing you need to worry about is getting to or from the airport.

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Private Jet Safety
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FBO Jets, Private Jet Aviation. Assuring your safety is our primary concern at FBO Jets. We recognize the importance of price, service, and value, but at FBO Jets we make sure to put you and your safety first. FBO Jets guarantees that every aircraft is in compliance with FAA Part 135 (USA) and EU OPS (European commercial certification). FAA Part 135/EU OPS are the operating standards at which aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot licensure are ensured by international commercial airline authorities.

All flights are operated by Part 135 Carriers. Operators providing service for FBO Network Inc. / FBO Jets clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA for safety, security and service. FBO Network Inc. / FBO Jets does not own, manage or operate aircraft. We act as an agent for our clients seeking charter air transportation and assists them in finding the best operators for private jets.